The best part about the UEU business opportunity is its simplicity - and the fact that you start of as a Business Leaders and are supported at every step of the way to achieve success in creating your own wealth and community prosperity. UEU has an alliance with strategic partners who access the black business and consumer community across the UK. This alliance opens the door for u and us to earn from the 10's of 1000's of individuals, businesses and organisations who have revenue streams that we can tap into.


This is the premier Directory of black owned businesses, organisations and the consumer community across the UK. It has revenue across many streams including Membership, Publications, Events & Promotions, Collaborations (partnerships, acquisitions , joint-ventures) Corporate and Government Initiatives. Due to inward investment the Black Links platform of products and services is expanding globally and welcomes UEU nosiness leaders to share in our ready-made resources.


Media United is set to become the largest black owned media buying agency in the UK. Media United is making advertising in traditional and new media more affordable for everyone. We have the benefit of a growing number of promoters, business owners and organisations. Our platform has been designed to assist clients locally, nationally and internationally to release advertisements in the media of their choice. We share our revenue with UEU business leaders.


Event Support 4 U (ES4U) is a leading provider OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES tailor made for event organisers and promoters who wish to access the black business community and consumer community across the UK. ES4U offers the services of a dedicated events support team to develop, promote, manage and execute all types of events, conferences, seminars, product launches, dinners and award ceremonies on behalf of individuals, corporates and associations.


This is a hub of the business leaders, entrepreneurs, community champions and role models of the black community who are the movers and shakers that have networks of their own and collaborate to make things happen. The ongoing initiative is a rafter of services to bring groups , associations and organisations together to maximise on the untapped revenue earning power and potential that their unity and unity consciousness awakens. The members bring realisation, reality, reason and readiness to create change and bring success to the heart of the community. WE THE UNITED is the brainchild of all the above and the reason why U EARN UNITED exists. The support of WTU members is a valuable resource in heling and assisting UEU growth and development. Join WTU today to benefit more.


When u help by referring or recommending consumers to this platform of products and services it is tracked and u get paid. When u help by introducing a new individual, business or organisation to this platform u get paid. When u help others to earn then u get paid. When you see an opportunity to set up your own business or organisation , UEU can help to direct the resources it and its partners have to make your business more successful. As a business leader you receive the complete support of UEU behind you every step of the way, including your very own personalised UEU Account. It's maintained and updated daily by UEU, so all you have to do is direct your potential assets to the UEU portfolio of products and services - and UEU takes care of the rest.