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This is the premier Directory of black owned businesses, organisations and the consumer community across the UK.

Media United is set to become the largest black owned media buying agency in the UK.

This is a hub of the business leaders, entrepreneurs, community champions and role models of the black community.

Together, we can enable your business to achieve even more.

When positive minds get together great things are achieved. The normal stumbling blocks or obstacles that are placed deliberately or appear innocently to stop or delay you still exist BUT because we are used to this it is of little or no concern to the ultimate goal of achieving the social, economic freedom that can be ours. We know the willingness is there, it is only the mechanism to achieve it, that is needed, and now we have it as U EARN UNITED.

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We recognise our Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Community Champions and Role Models

A hub of business leaders, entrepreneurs, community champions and role models, where the ethos is to support and help each other.

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UEU are committed to providing our business leaders with real opportunities for revenue and wealth. The rewards of u are multiplied when u help members of your team.

We encourage and support new Business ideas

You are the asset with unlimited value, creating the ideal environment for you to thrive and develop your true potential is an UEU obligation. Build your own Businesses or Organisation (BoBoO) alongside the UEU opportunity.

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